Getting Started


After downloading the latest version of the software, please complete the windows installation.

The following represents the detailed steps:

  1. Locate and open the zip file downloaded from the DERSec website.
  2. Double-click the executable file to start the installation.
    • Accept the license agreement similar to the figure below, then click Next button.
    • Browse to location where you want to store the executable, then click Next button.
    • Select the checkbox if you want to create a desktop shortcut, and click Next to continue
    • Click Install to start the windows installation
    • When the installation completes, click the checkbox to run the application immediately or just click Finish.


A license must be installed to unlock the functionality of the software. The licenses are designed to work for machines which are sometimes or permanently offline.

Please go to Help → About to get your 16-digit ID. Email with this information and the support team will email back the license for this computer.

Click the “Update License” button at the bottom of the About panel to update the license file (which is stored in %APPDATA%\..\local\LabTest\). Uploading a license file from this location is not permitted.

Quickstart Guide

The following quick-start use cases can be used to quickly start working with LabTest Pro. Please see the following sections to get up and running quickly.

Use Case Typical User Objectives
Connecting to a SunSpec device. DER interface developers, power electronics engineers, etc. Validate SunSpec Information Model data, read/write Modbus points, poll data from DER at set period.
Running a SunSpec Modbus for IEEE 1547 conformance test DER interface developers, Authorized Test Labs, etc. Validates the DER equipment is compliant to the SunSpec requirements and IEEE 1547.1/UL 1741 SB.
Running IEEE 1547.1/UL 1741 SB conformance test DER interface developers, power electronics engineers, NRTLs, etc. Executes IEEE 1547.1/UL 1741 SB conformance tests.
Results analysis and artifact archiving Power engineers, protocol testers, test labs, etc. Process the results from the IEEE 1547.1/UL 1741 SB tests.
Writing custom test scripts Power electronics engineers Point testing of DER equipment for interoperability and power performance.
Running dynamic DER simulations DER interface developers, gateway designers, etc. Emulate and interact with the behavior of an IEEE 1547-compliant DER.