SunSpec Certification Details

The general approach to creating a running a SunSpec Certification conformance test is described in Use Case B: Running SunSpec Modbus for IEEE 1547 Conformance Tests.

The SunSpec Certification menu provides certification test suites that automate device testing and certification.

Create Certification Test

After you create a PICS template using the Device → Create PICS feature, SunSpec Certification → Create Certification Tests can be used to create a test. Click the test suite you want to run, which opens the test suite dialog in a new tab or window.


Initially, there are no tests to display. However, after using the SunSpec Certification → Create Certification Tests functionality, there will be tests available to click and open.

Certification Results Logs

This environment is used to investigate previously run certification tests.

Test Environment

The Test environment is designed to display tests in the upper left panel, test results in the lower left panel, and results in the right panel.

You can run the tests by selecting the tests of interest. To understand the details of each of the tests please refer to SunSpec Modbus Conformance Test Procedures Version 1.1, available from