Device Details

The Device menu is designed to: * Open or close a communications channel to a SunSpec device. * Create a PICS form for device certification. * Export the device information model of the currently connected device.

Open a Device

Please see Connecting to a SunSpec Device.

Close a Device

This will close the currently open device.

Create a Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)

See Section 5.2 in the Running SunSpec Modbus for IEEE 1547 Conformance Tests Section for PICS Excel document generation.

Export As

The Export As menu item will save the currently open device information models as a device map file in JSON or text format. The device must be open using the Device → Open menu. Click Browse to choose the location where to save the file. Click Export to save the file as a JSON or text file.

You can now open the device file at any time by selecting a Device Type of Device File and navigating the file location. You can also forward the file to another colleague, so they can see the device implementation and open it in LabTest or SunSpec Dashboard.