GUI Basics

Splash Screen

When the software starts, it will display a splash screen with instructions on how to reach the server running on the localhost. By clicking on the link, the default browser will open and show the application.

From the browser the user can navigate to a range of functionality displayed under each menu option: * Device - Interact with SunSpec Modbus Devices * SunSpec Certification - Run tests against a SunSpec Device to validate SunSpec and IEEE 1547.1 compliance. * Automation - Create custom scripts or run IEEE 1547.1 experiments. * Simulators - Start DER simulation, DNP3 agent, or IEEE 2030.5 server. * Tools - Update the SunSpec models. * Help - Application information and support.


Following is a brief description of each icon, the icon photos are in their active state:

  • Pencil : When this is active, clicking on it enters the edit mode. This icon is available in either the Configuration and Display or the Test Scripts area.
  • Down/Up Arrows : These icons represent upload and download functionality. Users can save (down arrow) existing configuration and later reuse the saved configuration by retrieving it (up arrow). When either the Down or Up arrow is selected, the user will be prompted for a location to either save or retrieve the configuration. This feature also allows users to send the saved configuration to a colleague so he/she can start with that configuration as a baseline without having to duplicate all the edits.
  • Run : This icon shows up in the Test Scripts area to initially start running the selected tests. It is also available in the Display area after completion of running a series of test(s).
  • Delete : This icon only shows up in the Test Script File area, when active, it is Red, clicking on it will delete this project when tests are not running. You will get a confirmation popup before the delete action is taken. During execution of a test, this icon is disabled.
  • Stop : this button appears when the user is running a test. Clicking it will terminate the current script and jump to the next one.
  • Test List and Item List : These icons are in Test Results area. They toggle between showing a list of logs for tests that were run versus showing a list of items that were tested in the tests.
  • Refresh : This icon is always available, but it is only active when a test result file list is expanded, clicking this icon will collapse all to just the test file’s top level name.
  • Trash : This icon is always available, but it is only active when in the Test result list view. When selected, the currently selected test log will be deleted.